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April 15, 2011


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The U.S. also filed a civil complaint against the individual defendants and the poker companies to recover US$3 billion in civil penalties for money laundering. Asset restraining orders were issued against more than 76 bank accounts in 14 countries, including Canada, to freeze the accounts on the basis that the funds are proceeds of crime.


J. ToddAnother informative show. I am relaly getting disgusted with our so called allies in congress. The UIGEA was passed quickly and without debate so why can't it be overturned the same way? Attach the bill to must pass cash for clunkers already!


Thanks for taking the time to comnemt Jeff, I couldn't agree more. What I am pleased to see is the game of poker winning many small victories across the US at present.All I can say is that I hope poker's run of form continues and soon the Nanny staters and UIGEA fold so we're able to enjoy the fruits of our labour and some liberties together at the tables.

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YAWN....just got finished wathcing Dale's last two video blogs from Manchester. SO BORING! Hard to stay awake with the fantastic video quality of shooting yourself in the mirror. But I guess you got to do what comes naturally and I see that staring at yourself in a mirror is one of the things you are used to...good thing you wiped off the smudge marks from kissing yourself in the mirror. Anyhow, here's a counter offer for you and your pack of preteen fanboys (aka The Gaytard Brigade). We are running a little freeroll sponsored by PokerKY.com and the Geeks on Poker Radio show called the Kentucky Poker Tour on the Hog Wild Poker Website. We are starting the third leg of the freeroll to win a seat at the Kentucky Poker Tour on Sunday, Nov. 7th. You come and sit down at that table and take on the Coach and we will see who earns the bragging rights. We got a whole group of my Kentucky homeboys playing who would love nothing better than to take out the Euro-trash so you can bring your fanboys along for the game! Plus you can all follow the action on the radio show Geeks on Poker. Feel free to Skype in and we can share the love with the whole poker world while we play. So there you have it...I'm not just calling you out, I'm calling out your entire fanboy following. Come and take on the Kentucky boys and watch while we give you a good old country-style beat down! Loser has to tape a video retraction and bow to the greatness of the better player!Waiting for your response from my double-wide trailer down here in the holler.Coach Travis


In all seriousness Dale. This has been fun. I like stnkicig my two cents in and yes, I was wanting to get our show out to the world. Thanks for allowing me to do that. And in all seriousness, you are welcome to come on anytime just let me know. I did take the liberty at checking out a few more of your videos and and I will give you props. You know what your talking about. I haven't played much PLO H/L. But, I've started playing a little more and it's actually a fun game. Maybe it's the fact that I'm severely lacking sleep, or the fact that I don't want this to blow up into an international incident. I can't speak for the Coach, only myself, though he is a regular on the show. But, you're ok in my book. Just don't get too full of yourself. And with some practice, I might have to take you up on your challenge someday. Take care.


Mark my words....as soon as my disability check comes in from my Tractor aicdcent, I'm heading over to the WalMart to wire some money to my Uncle Floyd to transfer to my Pokerstars account. Uncle Floyd has a credit card thanks to his job at the slaughter house and can put the money up on the website so I can take you on! You've stuck your fingers in the cage and there is no escape now...I'll warn you, I've been drinking Malt Liquor and listening to The Eye of the Tiger by Survivor for 14 hours straight and I'm pumped....PUMPED! And that not just the Malt Liquor talking! It's on, like Donkey Kong! Now I've got to lie down for a minute or two.....Coach Travis


Dude, you're a joke. You're even more full of yourself than Hellmuth. I've seen your vedois. If you're that great, where's your WSOP bracelet? Where's your WPT title, EPT Title etc, etc. You might be good online, but you'd get smashed live without your stats right in front of you. Don't make me laugh! Oh, and in case you'd like to officially rebut these and other comments, feel free to call our show, www.geeksonpoker.com. Our hot-line is 502-230-1796.


Ha ha. Funny. We have more than 24 downloads a week. And if you want to find out how real we are, you're wemocle to come on the show and defend yourself. Just keep it clean as we are live on the radio here in Louisville, Ky. If you're interested, shoot me an email at mailbag@geeksonpoker.com. Oh, and just so you know we're real, our past guests include:Phil HellmuthGreg RaymerChris FergusonHoyt CorkinsEric LindgrenBilly KoppJohn Pappas, Executive Director of the PPAJessica Welman from Bluff MagazineJack McClelland from the WPT and Bellagio

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