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September 21, 2011


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Once I received a call offering me a decent sum to turn for a pianist for a chamber music concert. I was pleased to finally get paid for something I'd been doing pro bono for years. I got there early and met with the pianist. He seemed high-strung but some people are before a concert. I clarified repeat issues with him and he assured me he was a clear nodder.The concert began and I soon saw why he was so high-strung; his mediocre technique and limited musicality made him a bad choice to play the well-known Beethoven and Brahms trios he was tackling (almost literally, football player style). We got towards the end of the first page and he did not nod. I figured, Maybe he likes memorize the beginning of the next page and have late turns. Nope as we reached the last two beats he abruptly turned his heard toward me and, in a low, gruff voice barked, Turn! This disagreeable ritual was repeated for most of the performance. I thought it might have been less disruptive for him and the audience to nod as he said. No such luck. I made it through and didn't mess it up, but he really unnerved me and I dare say I was very deserving of my pay that evening.

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Full Tilt Poker Accused Of Stealing $440 Million Of Players' ... were kept totally separate from the company's operations accounts.


lets play sometime my full tilt ID = melya4567 :]And yeahFull Tilt Poker rentecly announced to all the facebook fans that new players now can head on over to Full Tilts website, then sign up for an account usin the promo code AMERICAS.The best trick to get quick easy money to play with. Make a deposit and they DOUBLE it oh and multiple other beneficial perks. It's only going work for the first few thousand people that sign up usin it

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I know what you say, my friend. But here is how it will prbloaby be: 1) The game has always been and remains a stateless auszustellen.2) Let the games business in a State which is not regulated by the state is illegal .3) online games within states (their views) and untreated is illegal gaming 4) As are illegal gambling It is part of the UIGEA for Geldtransfers.Dies of the strategy.


if you never deposited in the room. . you will not be able to wihardtw up deposit. .I am very surprised what you say because the support FullTilt is the best in the market. .Explain a little more and see if I can help with anything


How many people will it be? I aclualty also organize tournaments at my place but its usually not more than 10. But if that helps he use very simple rules and repeating how its being played online. Each round 20 min then the blinds increase. Start at 10/20 with the blinds. I guess that if you have more than 10 you need to think in a way to rebalance once more than 1 player is out of a table. You can always google it Good luck with your poker sessions and if you need a site that sponsor your poker campus nights go to freepokermoneyonline.com!


I am downloading Tukanas Poker Tournament Timer 1.0 right now. Its free, but I am not sure how good it is yet. I know it has a place for blndis to be displayed, and pre determined blndis if u wanna use them. If it doesn't have a chip value section on it, you can always print copies of that out and pass them around.


I guess 25,000 people care and alosmt 1 million since we started.If you could see the bigger picture you would care too. Because this is NOT about online gambling it's about your personal freedoms. But so many are sheltered and living in their own little world. It's sad but typical.


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i like that play with the 10 2 os. you raised pre, then chkeecd the flop. when villain bet out, you came over the top and jammed. that took courage. i think since you raised pre, he thought you were trapping and realized he couldn't buy the pot with his flop bet.


They are mostly all scams, Poker stars has frloeerl tournaments daily in which you have the potential to win money with out any financial risk to yourself. But their allegeded deposit bonus is bs they say if you deposit 50$ they give you a bonus 50$ but you have to have something like 700 dollars of financial transactions to earn the bonus fifty so its pointless and nearly impossible unless you want to spend alot of money to just get the bonus.


watching this makes me feel like ive just had a big night on xtc and now ive got the HUGE comedown to look frorawd to. i know the nights over and the high is gone but all i want is more more more.. its fun at the start but then its all down hill after that.

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Cheers to the PokerStars buyout! Difficult to govern and define that fine line with operations overseas. Guarantee that the remission process by the department of justice will be hell.


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The government alleges that Full Tilt executives misled the website's players, telling them the money the company was supposed to be holding in their accounts was safe.


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