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December 20, 2011


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Internet gambling: Brent Beckley of Absolute Poker pleads guilty in federal illegal gambling case.


Lets play 1 on 1 my full tilt ID is caldrun9145 =DAnd its trueI dvsroieced on Full Tilts blog recently you can create a account on their web page using the code SPECIALS if you don't allready have 1 with them.It really is a sweet promotional deal. Your first deposit get DOUBLED plus multiple other nice benefits!!!!


man im sorry but you seem being plinyag abc poker and plinyag more the cards than the oponents. always betting or doing a little standart tricky checks when you hit a hand. but when you missed no much creativity but you got very lucky , straight flush, nut flush etc,,, thats easy but not very ilustrative on how you should play a cheap sit and go.. i missed some 3-beting light , or just 3 bets with hands just some plays than you should do when you dont heat every flop..

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I am spending to much time and MONEY gaibmlng. I am going to try to go cold turkey and quit as of now. Has anyone got any genuine usefull tips that will help me to beat my gaibmlng addiction. I gamble when I am bored or stressed or depressed. I am fed up of wasting money and having nothing at all to show for my money. You can lose money just so many times and it just stops being fun. Thank you all.


1Boa Tarde, jogo poker online a pouco tempo , achei factistano as stats individuais , cores no lugar dos nipes , o pano c logo da universidade do poker ..Ja vi outro video falando dos stats e como avaliar queria saber q software e9 esse p vc ter as stats de cada jogador. Se e9 legal (eticamente msm, ou ate pelos parecer do Full Tilt), se e9 freeware ou tenho que comprar e onde compro ??Obrigado M Toth[]


ive read several books on poker yet i still show signs of a gmblaing addiction. i know that there is a skill to poker and the best you can do in the long run at any other type of gmblaing is break even. thats why i dont do anything else. i just have a problem quitting when on the poker table, and can recognize that. gmblaing addiction?


A co-founder of Absolute Poker, one of three major Internet card-playing sites targeted by the federal government in an illegal gambling sweep this year, pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiracy charges.


Poker Run was a success today. Congratulations to Stacy P. She won $85.00 with a hand of a full house and she only boghut a $10.00 hand.Thank you to everyone who volunteered and for everyone coming out supporting the club and riding the trails


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bitch soooo what gambling = mynoopeeple get mad just thump wit em real quickaint nothing bigand next week be like oh remember that fight when i beat your ass cause i beat you in gamblingyahhhh

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Your article I learned a lot of things, thank you.You make it entertaining and you still manage to keep it smart.


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