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July 08, 2012



Cuba already is a rsreot . for every country in the world except the one that has the trade embargo Your Government does not want you to know that .There are 5 star hotels linining the beach at Veradero World Class Marinas and Condos the people are friendly and love Americans .


With a small budget: play it save and go to a bank with a good insetert rate. If you have the opportunity to buy a house, do that. As for the casino's/stock market: both are equally bad for your pocket (see (semi-) efficient market theories, read the literature, and you'll see why)


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There are advantages and disadvantages to allowing gambling in a country. One key advantage is the amount of money and value-adding work that gambling companies and casinos create for the local population. The disadvantage which many times is overlooked is the habitual nature of gambling which may, but not necessarily, lead to more gambling problems in the nation. With education, this latter disadvantage can be surpassed and the country can benefit from a new industry with big money.


well technically onnlie gambling isnt really illegal because there is no sanction of where it is'. who really knows how much these gov'nt officials get paid for our illegal activity you might think they care but it comes down to the dollar. like we're ever gonna have alternative fuel without them finding a way to grab taxes from it. God forbid we make cars made on tap water then they'll tax that like they do the oil/gasoline. and to do what with? buy a 3k chair for their desk.

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The expertise shines through. Thanks for taking the time to answer.

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