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September 08, 2012



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invest in what you know most. invest' reriuqe you to learn', but gamble' demand for luck'. choose invest if you ready to learn but don't do it if you prefer luck more. bottom line, either way can make you money.

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Mr WarriorGambling is not a drug it is not a disease it is just a habit.Habits need kikcing. God gave freewill. Your mind is telling you to walk in that door, the casino is not draggin you in there.People need to take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming gambling venues for their bad choices.I dont mind to gamble once in a blue moon , maybe once or twice a year. I dont get sucked in because i CHOOSE not to frequent the place.Its about choice.People that loose their houses suffer alot and it is dreadful to see but its because of their own choices not the casinos or gambling venues.


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I'm just looking for a spmlie poker game, for beginners wanting to learn how to play poker, and learning all the rules, and tips and tricks (so just playing against a computer not real people). Not the games on gambling websites, where they want you start playing pretty sharpish.I don't want to be paying money straight away. Even if I'm against newbies.


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