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September 30, 2012



California Tax Bases : agriculture, movie iudtsnry, technology, and tourism.All of those industries are tanking with the recession. ** Agriculture : volatile weather and water supplies, coupled with global price's sharp increases and sudden collapse in the past 12 months.** Movie iudtsnry : costs of production is too high in Hollywood, strict union work rules and city work codes. Most movie stages are now located all over the world such as Bollywood, India.** Technology : Silicon Valley no longer denotes Northern California's high concentration of hi-tech firms, but also include China's Shanghai, India's Bangalore, Korea's Gumi, Gernamy's Dusseldorf, Poland's Krakf3w.** Tourism : nationwide consumer's sentiments are way down for expensive vacation trips to California.


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no, they really dont go on sale BUT THEY SELL OUT FAST so I wdluon't wait too long. Your best chance for a sale would be to get them from a place like macy's that offers you a discount to open a credit card- then put them on the card and you'll get like 20% off- which would be about 30-35 bucks. Remember though you wont get the discount if you run up the credit card bc of interest. E bay is another place you may find a small discount, but idk if it's worth the risk. I bought mine at dillards- and they are worth every cent of the $ 160 i spent on them.


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